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Mr Mojave: I'm a proud Victim and a proud Killers fan. I have been a Victim since April of 2009 and my love for other Victims and The Killers has grown tremendously. Some of my favorite hobbies include listening to The Killers, (of course) running the site and running around town, and spending time with family, many of which are becoming fans themselves! Oh, and of course, blogging about whatever is on my mind!

Spaceman: (a.k.a, Electromark on The Victims). I am one of the two authors of Mojave Rain. I enjoy working on this site, as we strive to provide you with content even during their hiatus. I also enjoy listening to music (who doesn't?), acting (I've been in several local productions), and blogging. My favorite song by TK is "Read My Mind". Did I mention I like working on this site? Well, I do. I hope to see you on the Victims!

Con Man: I am the guy responsible for a lot of the technical stuff on the site. I make the banners that you see around the site, like the one at the top and the ones on various other pages. My favorite Tk song has to be "All These Things That I've Done".

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