Mojave Rain

Trevor Hurley Interview

1. Where did you get the idea of creating a cover band based off of The Killers?

How did The Fillers form? As a joke. We were all in a band together playing original music and it was just coming to the end of its natural life. We were asked to play a band competition as the returning winners from the year before. The irony being that the year before we didn't win. The band that did win were asking for some finacial insentive to bless the organisers with their talents and this didn't sit to well with the afore mentioned organisers so they asked us to come back instead. Now this didn't sit very well with us but we agreed and then decided we would attempt something different. Thus we were filling in for another band and so the name came first..

2. When and where did you meet the other Fillers? Were you friends before the band was created?

Dave (guitarist) was the only one not in the original line up for the band but we knew him from the local scene.

3. Brandon Flowers said that The Killers might be taking a break for a few years, what are your plans for The Fillers this year and for the time when The Killers are not touring?

Well we are booked up to September at the moment so we have a very busy year ahead. While the boys take a break we will do what we do best and fill...

4. What occupies your time when you aren’t performing; what are your hobbies or interests?

Me, Dave and Mike (percussionist) are working on a new band.. not sure how that will go but we want to be playing by summer.. other than that films and football.

5. How do you pick which songs to perform; are they your favorite songs?

We try and play TK's current set. Sometimes we will pull out an old HF or ST song but usually we are trying to play as they do. We were playing a lot of D&A very early on and we can see those songs are starting to get better reactions now but originally we had to promote them much like TK's have.

         Which leads me to the question:

6. What are your favorite songs by The Killers?

This changes a lot but I am a big fan of Dustland and This River is Wild at the moment.  I can't stay is a pretty song to sing and sweet talk is a real test.

7. How did you decide who gets to play which instrument?

Well it fell as it was. The only difference between the band we were in before is that I needed to learn to play keyboards.. before this band I had no idea.. I still have very little idea but I can get through the set including my little stint on bass guitar..

8. Every Killers fan has a story of how they came to love The Killers, what is yours?

With me it was the Sam's Town album that really hooked me.. and it was the tail end of it that I really fell in love with. I was aware of Hot Fuss and had it but Brightside to me personally is not their best song by a million miles. I think I was slightly put of by that song possibly because at the time I was going through a breakup and that is the last song you want to hear at that point in time! But after Sam's Town I revisited HF and it is an amazing album..

9.When you met the band members of The Killers, what surprised you most about them?

How tall they are.. it was like the land of the giants.. I always assumed Brandon was short. He is in fact just about as tall as I am 6ft. 1" and the rest of them are huge!

10. Most people can not imagine being in a band playing in front of live audiences, what is your favorite part of being in The Fillers?

We have played in front of 35,000 people before... that is a rush.

11. Besides the Killers, what fills your Ipod?

Death cab, Biffy, The Shins, White Lies, lots really. I listen to many a band.

12. What is your fondest memory of being in The Fillers?

(Whether on stage or in rehearsal) Playing with Ronnie. What a star. Nicest man in the world. He is also the loudest drummer I have ever played with..

13. While on stage, what is your favorite song to perform?

Dustland.. at the moment.

14. What goals (short-term and/or long-term) do you or your band mates have for the band?

Just to keep having fun and see where it takes us..

15. Being in a band, traveling must be a common part of your lifestyle while touring, so, where is your favorite place to visit and perform at?

We have played all around the world but we always enjoy playing home town gigs to our friends.. Where it all started.