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Mr. Mojave's Flamingo Review

 After spending some quality time with Flamingo, I wrote this review. Hope you enjoy it!

 “Baby you can start again,” a lyric that is highly relevant because, ladies and gentlemen, the “Flamingo” has landed. I know that I am not alone when I say that I am ready to start the whole craze all over again. The long wait is over and you are now able to pick up the greatly anticipated album from the new solo act, Brandon Flowers. I fully suggest that you do pick up a copy for yourself.
“Flamingo” offers a wide spectrum of music variety. Several songs bring me back to the “Sam’s Town” days and to all of the swell memories that the album brought. Applying what he knows well, Brandon brings in the synth for several tunes but does not linger long. He experiments with a more acoustic style, which works out incredibly. Singing about his beloved Las Vegas, Brandon Flowers places a few power ballads into the mix. If you get the deluxe edition, you can even get a bit of Southern twang, which surprisingly, does Mr. Flowers justice. “Flamingo” is sure to satisfy a large audience with such a variety, there is something for everyone.
The emotion that Brandon gives in every song can take your breath away. In every song, you experience where he is coming from and how he captures that in his music is exciting and moving. The passion that is put into this album really shows the love that Brandon has for Las Vegas and for the culture and atmosphere. This makes for a believable and energizing album that evokes powerful emotions from the listener.
“The Clock Was Tickin’” too slowly as we waited for the release of “Flamingo” but I find myself quite satisfied with what Brandon Flowers has created. What he has created is a masterful collection of songs that is sure to satisfy all tastes. “Flamingo” is a must-buy for everyone.